The Envision 2040 Advisory Committee is responsible for reviewing progress on the Envision 2040 work plan and public participation process.  Members commit to meeting (at the most frequent) monthly over a two year period (Fall 2018-Fall 2020).  Members are the following:  Volunteers from the Bourbon County Joint Planning Commission (2), at-large members appointed by the Bourbon County Joint Planning Commission (3), appointments from the Bourbon County Fiscal Court (2), the City of Paris City Commission (3), the City of Millersburg (1), and the City of North Middletown (1).


Envision 2040 Advisory Committee Members 

Jan Wagoner, Bourbon County Joint Planning Commission

Bobby Clark, Bourbon County Joint Planning Commission

Guy Bowman, Bourbon County Joint Planning Commission

Tom Moore, City of Millersburg

Larry Stevenson, City of North Middletown

Mike Withrow, City of Paris

Matt Perraut, City of Paris

Bart Horne, Bourbon County Fiscal Court

Don Menke, Bourbon County Fiscal Court

Cliff Williams, At-large member

Bill Alverson, At-large member

Dr. Robert Biddle, At-large member



Lee Hopkins, Mayor, City of Millersburg

Jeff McFarland, Mayor, City of North Middletown

John Plummer, Mayor, City of Paris

Daron Jordan, Manager, City of Paris

Mike Williams, County Judge Executive, Bourbon County Fiscal Court




MEETING 1 October 25, 2018

Meeting 1 Agenda – October 25, 2018

Welcome Letter


MEETING 2 December 13, 2018




MEETING 4 May 8, 2019


MEETING 4 June 5, 2019

Meeting Agenda June 5, 2019

Project Schedule 2019 06 05

On the Table Results

HOUSING Summary of Progress

ECONOMIC GROWTH Summary of Progress

PUBLIC HEALTH Summary of Progress


MEETING 5 JULY 9, 2019